Lawn Care in Swarthmore

April 24, 2019

Spring is here, which means it is time to call a trusted, local fertilizing contractor to assess and treat your lawn!

Unless you have been aerating, mowing and fertilizing throughout the fall and winter, your lawn may look a little lifeless when temperatures begin to heat up. Oftentimes, we see lawns that have patches of snow mold, areas where excessive moisture is trapped within your soil during wintery weather conditions.

In order to eliminate common winter damage from plaguing your property, call Henderson Fertilizing. We have helped several of our customers rebound from the harsh winter temperatures that invade our yard.

One of our clients in Swarthmore, PA struggled to keep their yard looking lush all year round. After they completed our treatment plan, their yard looked healthier than ever!

Wallingford Lawn Care, PA

For this yard, our technician recommended:

  • (2) 7-application lawn care treatments
  • (2) aeration and seeding add-ons
  • 1 lime application to neutralize acidic soil



Our Guaranteed 7-Application Program

When it comes to treating your yard, a lawn program is often recommended before summer temperatures are in full force. Different seasons create a range of issues that can suck nutrients out of your soil, stunt growth, increase weeds, and invite dull looking grass. Calling a local lawn care contractor to bring your yard back to life is the best way to keep your lawn fresh every season.

Our 7-application program is guaranteed to stimulate growth and produce a healthy lawn 12 months out of the year! When you sign up for our organic-based program you will receive:

We also offer additional services:

Don’t forget to check out our 2 free services special offer when you sign up for our 7-application program!

Trusted, Professional Lawn Care in Swarthmore

Don’t let your lawn remain unhealthy into the summer months. Our trained technicians can provide specialized treatment that will get your lawn back on track this season. To get started, contact us for a free estimate today.

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