Don’t let Snow Mold Wreck the Look of your Spring Lawn! Act Now to Ensure Seeing Green Come Spring!

March 16, 2016


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The snow is beautiful in our Delaware/Chester Counties and the Main Line, PA, region, but it isn’t so pretty in the early spring when the snow melts and a miserable looking lawn is left behind thanks to snow mold. This devastating lawn fungal disease wreaks havoc when the snow is gone and your spring lawn can finally be seen. What should be a moment of excitement to finally see green turf is actually devastating because your lawn has remained wet for so long under the snow cover.

Snow mold comes in two equally destructive varieties–gray and pink. While you look at that pretty snow covered blanket on your lawn all winter long, snow mold is actively creating a mess underneath it all, thanks to all the excessive and constant moisture that has not had any time to dry during the long, cold months. Gray snow mold hides in the soil even through hot summer temperatures or on diseased plant matter; and pink snow mold lies in wait on plant debris that has been lying about from the previous season. While the winter ground is wet and still soft, fungal growth begins its nasty grip on your green lawn under the snow. Since the lawn never dries out, mold attacks it week after week because it is wet and cool for ongoing periods.

Snow Mold

Snow Mold

When the snow melts and spring begins to surface, you can see that the lawn is spongy and not looking its best. Circular patches with a yellow color start to appear as indicators or a problem. The patches get bigger and bigger as the early spring still has plenty of moisture and cold, particularly in the evenings. You know the tell-tale signs because your grass does not stand upright, and instead lies down flat and has a sickly non-green appearance. It has a mushy and lifeless look to it that is almost slimy in nature. Ick!
This damage from winter can be distressing to a lawn and can prevent it from looking good all season long. Though it won’t be the demise of a lawn, it can take a long while to get green and look good. Let Henderson Fertilizing help your lawn not only survive winter, but thrive! We will take any damaged areas and help them along so they can quickly rebound from the damage– but most importantly we will take care of your lawn in autumn to prevent snow mold from hopefully ever getting started in the future.

Dandelion in Hand

The proper balance of fertilizer is critical in the fall to prevent the onset of snow mold later. Avoiding thatch growth, raking up your leaves and good aeration are also keys to keeping ugly snow mold at bay. It’s also important not to mound huge piles of snow to prevent an issue later down the road, too Henderson Fertilizing can guide you on the do’s and don’ts so your chances for a beautiful lawn come spring are far greater. Best of all we care for your lawn all season long using organic based products that are safe for your family and your pets.
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