What Does Lime Application Do for a Lawn?

February 26, 2021
what does lime application do for a lawn

Grass requires soil with a pH in a narrow range. The right pH helps plants absorb nutrients they need to grow. If the pH is too low, that means the soil is too acidic. Grass will struggle to grow, and other plants and weeds may take root instead. Soil with a pH that is below the appropriate range can also make herbicides and insecticides less effective.

If a soil test reveals that the pH is too low, applying lime can help. One of the most common questions we at Henderson Fertilizing get from customers is, What does lime application do for a lawn?

How Can Lime Affect Soil?

Lime is made from ground limestone, which contains calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. When lime is applied to acidic soil, it raises the pH and works to bring it into a range that can allow grass to efficiently use nutrients in the soil. Applying lime can turn acidic soil where grass couldn’t grow into ground where grass can thrive.

Why Is Soil Testing Necessary?

Before you apply lime to your lawn, it’s important to have the soil tested so you know its current pH. If you use lime when it isn’t necessary or use the wrong amount, you may move the soil’s pH in the wrong direction or move it too far in the right direction. That can make it more difficult for grass to grow. 

Even though home soil test kits are widely available, it’s better to have a professional test the pH of your soil. Home tests can be inaccurate. When it comes to something as sensitive as pH, accuracy is essential.

Contact Henderson Fertilizing

A certified professional from Henderson Fertilizing can conduct a free soil test to measure the pH of the earth in your lawn. Once we have an accurate reading, we will be able to compare that to the pH range that is necessary for your species of grass. 

If the pH is too low, we can apply lime to bring it into a desirable range. Our technicians have the training and experience to figure out how much lime is needed to raise soil’s pH enough, but not too much. Call (484)472-7010 today to learn more about soil testing and what does lime application do for a lawn.