Grub Control

Small Insects...Major Damage

Grubs are sub surface feeding insects that can cause destruction to beautiful lawns. When you begin to notice damage, it usually means you are heavily infested. If infested, large areas of your lawn will begin to turn brown. When you pull up on the grass, it will come up easily as the root system has been eaten.

Protect Your Lawn from Grubs!

Protect Your Lawn from Grubs!

We offer a preventative grub application which is applied in June/July to protect your lawn. This is your best defense against grubs!

If you did not receive the grub preventative and become infested with grubs, we can apply a curative application to control the population. We apply a granular product that controls grubs instantly once watered in.  Call now to get your lawn grub control treatment!


<span>STEP 1:</span> Estimate

STEP 1: Estimate

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<span>STEP 2:</span> Inspection

STEP 2: Inspection

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STEP 3: Schedule Your Service!

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Learn More About Grubs

Learn More About Grubs

Want to identify possible grubs in your yard? Find more information here.

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