Lawn Care Program

Going Green, One Lawn at a Time!

We realize the importance of introducing organic matter into our program! That's why we incorporate organic material into almost every application! Sure, it costs us a little more money, but our results speak for themselves!

Our Organic Based Lawn Care Program


Our Organic Based Lawn Care Program

The organic material helps energize microbes in the soil which helps your lawn look its best! Our lawn care program consists of 7 applications from late February through November. We will help your lawn be the envy of the neighborhood this year!

Our Lawn Care Program includes the following:

  • 5 Organic Based Fertilizer Applications
  • 1 Grub Control Application
  • Post-Emergent Control
  • Unlimited Weed Control
  • Free Service Calls
  • Free Soil pH Testing

Taking Care of Your Lawn is As Easy As 1-2-3

<span>STEP 1:</span> Estimate

STEP 1: Estimate

Request your free estimate online or call us at 484-472-7010.

<span>STEP 2:</span> Inspection

STEP 2: Inspection

One of our certified technicians will assess your property and provide your custom estimate.

<span>STEP 3:</span> Schedule Your Service!

STEP 3: Schedule Your Service!

Email us at or call 484-472-7010 to sign up and we will be out for your first application within 48 hours!

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Check Out Lawn Care Tips

Check Out Lawn Care Tips

Take our advice to keep your lawn in great shape year-round.

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