Why You Should Choose a Professional Test Over a Home Soil Test Kit

February 26, 2021
home soil test kit

Soil with a pH in an appropriate range helps plants use nutrients efficiently so they can grow and be healthy. That pH range varies from one plant species to another. Soil with a pH that is too high or too low can make it difficult or impossible for plants to thrive. If you try to grow plants without first testing the makeup of the soil, all your efforts may be for naught. 

A home soil test kit can measure pH, but its findings may inaccurate. Henderson Fertilizing offers free soil testing conducted by a certified professional. We can also give you advice on how to treat your soil, based on your test results.

What Are the Limitations of Home Soil Test Kits?

Several companies offer home soil test kits. Studies have found that some are more accurate than others. Healthy plants need soil with a pH in a narrow range. If a home soil test kit delivers a pH measurement that is even a little off, it can have a significant impact.

For example, you may mistakenly believe that your soil is in the appropriate range. You may plant a garden, only to discover that the plants don’t grow well. You may get test results indicating that the soil’s pH is too high or too low, and you may apply a treatment to bring it into the desired range. You may use more or less of a product than the soil needs, or a soil treatment may be completely unnecessary and may do more harm than good.

Contact Henderson Fertilizing for Free Soil Testing

Henderson Fertilizing can conduct a free test to determine the pH of your soil. If a soil test reveals that the earth in your yard has a pH that is not where it needs to be, we can treat the soil before you plant a garden. For example, our team may apply lime to bring the pH into the appropriate range. 

All of our technicians have earned a PA Applicator’s license, and we use only high-quality, organic-based products. Call (484)472-7010 to schedule an appointment for soil testing.

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