Lawn Care in West Chester

May 21, 2019

kids laying in the grassDuring the summer months, many of us enjoying spending time outside with family and friends. What better way to embrace your healthy West Chester landscape than to spend time on it, right?

Aside from the admiration we receive when our lawn is looking lush, did you know there are plenty of other reasons to be happy that your lawn is properly maintained? Let’s take a look!

3 Benefits of a Healthy Landscape

  1. Improved Air Quality

Your environment plays a key role when it comes to your health. Grass and other plants trap C2O and release oxygen. If your property is primed with plenty of grass and other plants, you are likely breathing in less dust and relishing in high quality outdoor air.

  1. Heat Reduction

It’s no mystery that grass surfaces reduce the temperature of the ground; each blade of grass acts as an evaporative cooler, absorbing radiation to grow. But when your grass has received the proper nutrients, each blade grows in thicker, decreasing the surface temperature and increasing the comfort of your bare feet!

  1. High Performing Soil, Low Costs

When your grass is thriving, your soil is too! Undergoing lawn care maintenance refreshes your soil and prepares it to receive ample replenishment from the sun and rain. When your soil is happy, your entire property follows suit. The trees, plants and grass along your house can flourish, decreasing the temperature surrounding your home.

A Healthy, Happy Lawn in West Chester, PA

Our West Chester customers understand the importance of a nutrient rich yard. In order to keep their property and family healthy, they called in the professionals! Take a look at the results:

lawn care in west chester pa

This lawn received:

  1. Our organic-based 7 step fertilization process
  2. (2) core aeration & seeding applications

Get Your West Chester Yard Back in Shape

Maintaining your yard without help can be difficult. When you call in a local professional like Henderson Fertilizing, you can trust that your landscape is receiving personalized treatment that is catered to fit your soil needs.

Take a look at these results:

wc lawn henderson

Sticking to a lawn care plan can make a world of difference! After 2 years on our organic-based, 7 application lawn care program and 2 rounds of fall aeration and seeding, this West Chester lawn is looking as healthy as can be.

Our popular organic-based 7 application lawn care program is guaranteed to maintain the wellbeing of your lawn year-round. Our lawn care program includes:

We also offer additional services:

Don’t miss out on our special offers when you sign up for our 7-application lawn care program.

Contact a West Chester Lawn Care Technician

Increase the quality of your lawn this season with Henderson Fertilizing. After you contact us, our technicians will come to your property, assess your landscape and give you a free estimate that will allow you to reap the benefits of a strong, bountiful yard year round.

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