Lawn Care in Media

June 17, 2019

soil assessmentDid you know that understanding your soil can help you achieve a healthy, green yard? We don’t expect you to know the properties of your soil off the top of your head, but answering the following questions can help maintain your yard year-round:

  • What is the mineral content of your soil?
  • What is the structure of your soil?
  • What are your soil’s pH levels?

When you call Henderson Fertilizing, we will get to know your soil. Our lawn care technicians are trained to assess the formation, care and acidity of your property so you don’t have to!

Thriving Properties in Media, PA

Our Media customers understand that health checks are important! In order to maintain a lush landscape, we need to keep up with the changes that occur in your soil seasonally. Our organic-based 7-application program focuses on several aspects of your property, so you receive comprehensive lawn care that will keep your yard happy every month of the year!

Take a look at these properties after (1) core aeration & seeding treatment and our organic-based 7-application program:

Treat Your Lawn, See Results

Don’t skimp on quality care! Opt for our organic-based 7-application program and watch your yard transform.

Our lawn care program includes:

We also offer additional services:

Don’t miss out on our special offers when you sign up for our 7-application lawn care program.

Request a Lawn Care Technician in Media, PA

Call a trusted lawn care professional to help you maintain your properties health. When you contact us, we will stop by to assess your soil and provide a free estimate!

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