Lawn Care in Springfield

July 1, 2019

sprinkler head watering lawnA good-looking lawn takes time and effort. The best way to maintain your landscape is by understanding your soil and providing routine care on a seasonal basis.

Like many homeowners, lawn care can be low on the priority list. Although, when you call Henderson Fertilizing, you can relax knowing that your yard is receiving professional, customized care!

Our trained technicians work to enhance your property through a series of guaranteed lawn care treatments that will keep your soil happy year-round.

Check Out This Transformation in Springfield, PA

A few years ago, one of our Springfield customers gave us a call. They were tired of looking at their dull, dead grass and needed a serious upgrade! Since 2016, we have worked to revamp their property into the lush, healthy yard you see today:


1st photo: September 2016 | 2nd photo: October 2016 | 3rd photo: May 2019

Our technicians: 

  • Sprayed weeds at end of August 2018
  • Performed aeration and seeding and added new fertilizer in September 2018 fertilizer
  • Performed Step 1 pre-emergent March 2019
  • Performed Step 2 pre-emergent April 2019

Call in a Professional Lawn Care Technician

If you are ready to do something about your lackluster lawn, it’s time to give us a call!

We offer a guaranteed, organic-based 7-application lawn care program that will keep your yard pristine throughout the year.

Sign up and receive:

We also offer additional services:

Don’t miss out on our special offers when you sign up for our 7-application lawn care program.

Request Lawn Care in Springfield, PA

Ready to start seeing results? Contact your trusted, local lawn care technician for a free estimate. One of your trained technicians will stop by your property and come up with a treatment plan that works for you!

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