Lawn Care in Havertown

May 31, 2019

replanting grass seedWhen it comes to year-round landscape upkeep, it’s important to identify what your lawn needs in order to thrive. Oftentimes, necessary lawn care varies depending on the environment and health of the soil, and this can be hard to determine without professional help!

At Henderson Fertilizing, our trained lawn care technicians know each landscape is different. Once we assess your soil, we can begin recommending a treatment plan that will help you achieve a happy, green yard.

Landscape Maintenance in Havertown, PA

When the seasons change, so does your soil. Our customers in Havertown know that maintenance matters! For the past two years, we have serviced this lawn by using a common lawn care practice known as aeration and seeding. Take a look at how well this yard has responded to our process:

havertown lawn care

Our Program Offers Guaranteed Results

Getting a lush lawn isn’t a one-step formula. Your landscape is vulnerable to seasonal changes throughout the year, which means proper lawn care takes effort, patience and a series of treatments.

Introducing a combination of treatments throughout the year is the best way to see guaranteed results, and our organic-based, 7-step program can get you there!

Check out how well this Havertown lawn responded: 

havertown lawn care treatment

After 2 years of our organic-based, 7-step application lawn care program and 2 rounds of fall and aeration, this lawn in Havertown, PA is thriving!

Our lawn care program includes:

We also offer additional services:

Don’t miss out on our special offers when you sign up for our 7-application lawn care program.

Request a Lawn Technician in Havertown, PA

Are you ready to start seeing year-round results? Contact a trusted, local lawn care technician today! We are happy to visit your property and provide a free estimate to get your lawn back in shape.

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