How to Keep a Healthy Lawn with Pets

May 25, 2017

Boy and Dog Sitting in Grass from BackOf course, you want to share your outdoor space with your furry friends. To dogs, there are few better places to hang out than the backyard. It’s where they play, run, roll around, and take care of their business. While this all can be detrimental to your lawn’s appearance, there are some steps you can take to ensure a lush lawn without keeping the pets inside.


It is the nitrogen in dog urine that damages the grass. By watering the lawn in spots you know the dog has gone, you’ll help those spots fade faster. It’s also a good idea to make sure your dog always has plenty of water to minimize damage before it happens.

Mow High

Not only will your grass look greener and more pleasant, but mowing high creates grass that is more resistant to disease and dehydration. You can reduce the effects of pets by using this method. At Henderson Fertilizing, we prefer to see lawns cut at 3 ½ inches.

Feed the Lawn

Your grass should be fed and fertilized at the appropriate times throughout the year. Thick, strong grass is best to stand up against abuse from pets. Otherwise, your grass will brown and dehydrate quickly.

Designate a Space

It can be helpful to designate an area in the yard for your animal. Sometimes, adding a mulch section with some potted plants is all that’s needed to save your grass. Containing the damage will save the rest of your yard.

Of course, the best way to keep your lawn in top shape is with our lawn care program. Check out our lawn care tips for even more advice.

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