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April 7, 2016

Spring has arrived! As you look into most lawns you will notice weeds such as dandelions and chickweed are beginning to bloom; however don’t let their sometimes pretty appearance fool you. Spring weeds are comparative to a “wolf in sheeps clothing” and can wreak havoc in the coming months if not dealt with promptly and by a professional.

Outdoor Staircase with Grass

Weeds occur in every lawn, but they seldom turn into a problem in well-managed, vigorously growing turfgrass. Proper site preparation and turfgrass selection before planting are  both essential elements to giving a new lawn a healthy start. However, once your lawn is established, poor maintenance practices can weaken it—these include improper irrigation, fertilization, or mowing— these are the primary factors likely to predispose your lawn to weed invasion. Activities that lead to compaction also contribute significantly to turfgrass stress, making it easier for weeds to invade — as lawns are a living entity and need proper room to breathe and thrive.

Dandelion in Hand

An effective weed control program can reduce most weed populations to tolerable levels and prevent large, unsightly weed patches. Total eradication of weeds is not a realistic or necessary goal for most lawns, however, with proper maintenance a lawn can be practically free of weeds. This is where the professional weed control services of Henderson Fertilizing come into play.

The goal of our first two applications of our organic based lawn care program is to prevent crabgrass and broadleaf weeds from germinating by applying a split application of pre emergent/fertilizer.  As the product slowly releases into the soil, it develops a barrier in the soil which prevents crabgrass and broadleaf weeds.  Should there be any break through of weeds, we use post emergent weed control to clean them up.  Many companies blanket spray weed control to prevent call backs.  At Henderson, we believe in spot spraying weed control applications.  This way we are still controlling your weeds, while limiting the amount of weed control applied.  While we use the safest weed control products on the market, it is still a herbicide and should only be used where necessary.  After two hours, or until dry, it is safe for your kids and pets to use the lawn.  We also offer organic weed control products if that is your preference.

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