7 Fertilizing Applications (Grub Control Included!)

Having a healthy lawn is dependent on many factors These include the elements Mother Nature provides such as adequate water for cell enlargement and evaporative cooling, sunlight and carbon dioxide for energy production, and of course oxygen for respiration.

Henderson Fertilizing Lawn Care
Lawn growth also depends on nutrients and essential elements absorbed by roots through the soil. When natural soil processes do not provide needed supplies of these, fertilizer should be applied to maintain turf grass growth. The purpose of fertilizing a lawn is to add these necessary nutrients in the required amounts and at the proper times to achieve a healthy, and green, lawn. This is why Henderson Fertilizing applies fertilizer with the proper amount of nutrients your lawn needs during the specific times of the year via organic based products applied by only certified PA applicators.

Henderson Fertilizing PA Grub Control

Another important element of keeping your lawn healthy and vigorous is proactive protection from turf-damaging insects, such as grubs. It is important to apply grub preventative to protect your lawn from grub damage.